Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fabulous Books You Must Read

It's been quite a while since I last posted. If you read my previous post, you know why. Since my diagnosis, I've had a difficult time getting back into the swing of things, including my favorite hobbies of reading and writing. The doctor said that's a normal reaction, and I'm slowly getting back into the groove.
I really want to share with you two books that I've read recently. I love them. They are not just fabulous - they are so important. If you read my reviews posted below, you'll see why. This is about as long a post as I feel up to punching out for now. I hope everyone reading this has a super, amazing, happy day!
This book is a powerhouse of emotion. I have read many, many books in my life, but there have been just a small number that I was so drawn to that I had to keep reading without putting them down even once; this is one of those jewels. I was drawn to Viga's story not only by the complete honesty in the sharing of this deep and painful part of her life, but also by her ability to draw me into her story as if I was living her life right along with her. As I read along, I was her. I felt her fear, her loneliness, her powerlessness, and her enslavement to a life she did not want or ask for. The end of the story was so well done, so beautifully complete, I felt honored to have followed in Viga's footsteps for those 291 pages.

Everyone should read this book. And, I mean everyone. Why? You don't have to be a current victim or a survivor of abuse (although I think everyone who falls into those categories would find it very, very helpful). People who have loved ones who are victims and survivors will better understand how to care for them and just plain talk with them after reading this book. And for anyone else, well, you all live in a society where abuse is happening all around you. You don't know it, but it is. You do know someone who is being sexually abused, but you just haven't heard about it. Everyone needs to learn more about child abuse. This book can certainly help with that. What happened to Viga can be happening right now to a child living next door to you. It could be happening in your own family. It could be happening under your own roof. Terrifying, but true. Viga's book does more than tell her own story. It blows the roof wide open on child abuse and why people hide from the shame of it. With beautifully honest books like hers, many broken lives can be healed, rebuilt, and possibly even saved from the horrors of sexual abuse.

I am overwhelmed by Ripple. This story took me on a roller-coaster ride of alternating emotions of fear, anger, forgiveness, and hope intertwined with a throat-gripping mystery that left me breathless until the final pages. E.L. Farris does a fascinating job at bringing together the lives and vexations of her characters, and forming their stories into one complete and unforgettable novel. If that weren't enough, this book is a testament to what all victims of sexual abuse need to know: You are not at fault, and you are stronger than you realize.
Throughout my reading of the entire book, I found that I held my emotions in check, the same way that Helen tried to do throughout the novel. It wasn't until the very end when Anne said, "no matter how many times the phoenix falls, she always rises" that my tears finally fell and I could not hold them back. This book is powerful. There is no denying the depth that it takes you to and then brings you back out of. During that journey, you face a lot of what you never wanted to face, and come out flying, much like the phoenix. It was quite an experience for I would not have had without this book.
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